Good Reasons to Move to Roatan


from Beach Living Magazine outlined the five top reasons to move to Roatan.

1. The number one Good-Reasons-To-Move-To-Roatan  given to move to here is the beauty of the island. Roatan has escaped the attention that many other Caribbean islands have received and is less crowded and commercialized. Situated on the world’s second largest coral reef, the island has long drawn scores of divers and snorkelers. However, the rest of the world has been slow to catch on, so you can choose from a wide variety of secluded, white-sand beaches.

2. Roatan is affordable, making it a great place to retire. It is still a buyer’s market, with homes and property selling for a fraction of what you would pay on other Caribbean Islands.

3. Getting residency in Roatan is relatively easy. You only need to show a monthly income of $1,500 US to get a retirement visa. You can buy up to ¾ acre of land in your own name or an unlimited amount through a corporation. Property taxes are a fraction of what you would pay in Canada or the U.S., and foreign-earned income is not taxed.

4. Roatan is easy to get to. Honduras is only 2 ½ hours by plane from Houston and is served every day by several major airlines.

5. Its a good time to buy property in Roatan. Real estate in Roatan has long been tied to the economies of the U.S., where most of the large community of expats and second home owners come from. Sales are on the rise after a two-year slump. Don’t miss out on this buyer’s market.

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