Your Post-Election Escape Plan

post-election Your Post-Election Escape Plan

We prefer not to get involved in political discussions but we are showing potential investors properties and are frequently hearing they are concerned with the upcoming election and are thinking of an escape plan.  We are hearing this from both Democrats and Republicans.  Seems like everyone is concerned.

So, here’s your chance to beat the rush.  Roatan is a great option.  Very low prices for homes.  Or, land, which could be purchased today and available for building later when you are ready to actually retire or leave.  Roatan can provide excellent medical care, fantastic weather, friendly locals, a low cost-of-living, direct flights to the US and Canada,  and we are more or less immune from many of the issues concerning so many of our US fellow citizens.

We are not suggesting giving up your US Citizenship, but consider Roatan as a great option for your residence.

BTW, what a great opportunity for our Canadian friends to flee in anticipation of all the US citizens fleeing to Canada.